Dyve's Hit SINGLE - SeaTac Feat. Sam Lachow

Dyve's Hit SINGLE - SeaTac Feat. Sam Lachow


Hey rap enthusiasts and Dyve fans alike! Today, we're delving into the rhythm and rhyme of Dyve's latest rap sensation, "SeaTac," a collaboration with the talented Sam Lachow. With over a quarter million streams on Spotify and a sold-out rap extravaganza at Neumos in Capitol Hill, Seattle, last August, Dyve is riding the rap wave to new heights.

A Rap Odyssey:

Dyve, known for the viral rap hit "That's My Shit," which gained attention and an endorsement from none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is back with a new anthem that's taking the rap scene by storm. While "That's My Shit" continues to dominate with over 2 million streams, it's time to shift the spotlight to Dyve's freshest rap masterpiece, "SeaTac."

The Rap Vibe of "SeaTac":

"SeaTac" isn't just a rap song; it's a full-blown experience. Dyve draws inspiration from the vibrant energy of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), infusing the rap track with the hustle, bustle, and the distinct rhythm of life in the Pacific Northwest. Collaborating with Sam Lachow adds an extra layer of rap finesse to the track, creating a musical synergy that's impossible to ignore.

Sold-Out Rap Show at Neumos:

In August, Dyve and Sam Lachow brought the house down with a sold-out rap show at Neumos in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The iconic rap venue served as the perfect backdrop for the energetic performance, and fans couldn't get enough of the live rap rendition of "SeaTac." The success of the rap show at Neumos speaks volumes about Dyve's growing influence and the resonance of the latest single.

Quarter Million Streams on Spotify:

"SeaTac" has become an instant rap hit on streaming platforms, amassing over a quarter million streams on Spotify alone. This milestone is a testament to Dyve's ability to connect with rap enthusiasts on a profound level and craft music that resonates with a diverse audience.

Behind the Rap Scenes with Sam Lachow:

Collaborating with Sam Lachow on "SeaTac" was a rap match made in musical heaven. The chemistry between the two rap artists is evident in every rhyme, creating a harmonious blend of their distinct styles. Sam Lachow's rap contribution elevates the track, adding layers of complexity and ensuring that "SeaTac" stands out in Dyve's impressive rap discography.

What's Next for Dyve's Rap Odyssey:

With the success of "SeaTac" and the unforgettable Neumos rap show, Dyve is poised for even greater heights in the rap industry. The artist's unique blend of infectious beats, clever lyrics, and magnetic stage presence sets the stage for a promising rap future. As Dyve continues to ride the rap wave of success, fans can eagerly anticipate what rap adventures lie ahead.


"SeaTac" isn't just a rap song; it's a testament to Dyve's evolution as a rap artist and a glimpse into the exciting future of their rap journey. With over a quarter million streams, a sold-out rap show at Neumos, and the rap magic touch of Sam Lachow, Dyve is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene. So, if you haven't already, dive into the world of "SeaTac" and let the rap rhythm carry you away.
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