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Dyve, a formidable presence in the rap/hip-hop scene, emerged onto the stage through a series of pivotal showcase performances where he consistently drew the largest crowds. These early college shows not only showcased his ability to bring in audiences but also paved the way for sharing stages with icons like the Ying Yang Twins, Trae The Truth, and Lil Dicky.

From those foundational moments of grassroots support, Dyve's evolution has been marked by resourcefulness. He transitioned from recording in a college dorm with just an iPad to mastering the art of production on a laptop post-college, laying the foundation for his unique sound.

The road to resilience unfolded as Dyve embarked on a self-funded tour, facing the harsh reality of living in a car for three months. This challenging period solidified his unwavering commitment to the craft, transcending the pursuit of fame to embody a deep passion for music.

Recognition came in the form of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's endorsement. The hit single "That's My Shit" caught The Rock's attention, resulting in Instagram features, playlist spots, and a live performance on his Christmas special. This pivotal moment not only opened doors but solidified Dyve's commitment to his craft.

Recent highlights include captivating performances alongside Deante Hitchcock in LA, sharing the stage with Sam Lachow in Seattle, and a standout show at the Apple Blossom Festival in Washington. Dyve continues to craft a sonic odyssey, bridging the gap between raw authenticity and musical innovation.

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Dyve's Performance In Seattle

Dyve's Seattle Performance 2023

Neumos Aug 31st

Dyve sold out a show in Seattle at the end of August with rapper Sam Lachow

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Dyve's Los Angeles Performance 2023

The Echo June 27th

Dyve performed a sold out show at the legendary Echo venue in Los Angeles alongside Deante Hitchcock

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Dyve's Festival Performance 2023

Apple Blossom Festival May 5th

Dyve successfully played at the Apple Blossom Festival in Washington with over 5,000 people in attendance. He recently has been invited back to play in 2024

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