Who Is Dyve?

Introducing Dyve, the lyrical virtuoso hailing from the Pacific Northwest. With an arsenal of crafty flows and an unyielding aspiration, Dyve seamlessly blends the sonic landscapes of modern rap and pop/rock, infusing it with a raw, old-school grit reminiscent of hip-hop’s Golden Age.

Known for his prodigious wordplay, Dyve's versatility knows no bounds. From the soulful crooning on the pop-tinged track "Guarantee" to the lyrical onslaught over the bass-heavy, industrial soundscape of the Dwayne Johnson-endorsed anthem "That's My Shit," Dyve captivates audiences across the spectrum of mainstream and underground hip-hop.

Born Conner Faulkner, Dyve is more than just a rapper; he's a musical chameleon whose influences span from J. Cole to Sam Cooke, and from Chris Stapleton to AC/DC. His unique musical heritage shines through as he fearlessly explores new genre-bending styles.

Fresh off a groundbreaking partnership with Dwayne Johnson's record-breaking tequila, Teremana, Dyve has also shared the stage with Seattle rap heavyweight Sam Lachow, selling out a show in their hometown this year. This collaboration adds another layer to Dyve's already impressive musical journey.

Join Dyve as he continues to redefine the boundaries of hip-hop, proving that the Pacific Northwest is home to a rising star with a sound as diverse and dynamic as his influences. Stay tuned for the release of his upcoming album, "Milestones," as Dyve explores the pursuit of success, fame, and fortune without succumbing to the pomp and decadence that often accompanies it.

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